1.4 TSI Dragster World Record 0-400m - RTMG Performance

VAG 1.4TSI World Record Holders

The world record of the fastest VAG 1.4TSI was recorded back in 2014 from our RTMG Performance team.
Owner of this Seat Ibiza CUPRA is Maria Bachxevanidou that managed a 10.6sec. pass in the standing quarter mile with 225km/h exit speed.
The Seat Ibiza CUPRA produces 650HP and 650NM of torque which is something unique and pioneering for this platform worldwide.
With only 1.400cc, RTMG Performance proved for one more time that we can make the impossible, possible, being able to give solutions and pleasure to our clients for every possible setup by unleashing the full potential of the 1.4TSI engine, making it a big headache for much more powerful cars.
Till today, 6 years later, we are still the world record holders, competing car with bigger displacement and technological advances.
RTMG can responsively support with applied and proven expertise every possible car owner that wants to compete in official races with the highest standards.
Our team supports the biggest national and international race teams but providing them with hardware and software of unparallel quality and performance.


Randleigh Naidoo

Wow, this is awesome!!! I am from South Africa and I own an audi a1 sline 1.4Tfsi. I am definitely gonna buy my parts from RTMG for my upgrades!!


Amazing time guys !

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