Wossner Forged Pistons for 2.0 TFSI EA113 & 2.0 TSI EA888

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Wossner Forged pistons made in Germany for VW 2.0 TFSI EA113 & 2.0 TSI EA888 engines. Machined from 4032 T6 aluminium alloy, with high silicone content for low thermal expansion. This allows for tighter piston to bore clearance which makes them perfect for street use. The factory pistons are the weakest point of the 2.0 TSI Engine so upgrading to wossner forged pistons, capable of 700 hp, ensures vastly improved reliability and engine strength. The kit includes forged pistons, 9310 Alloy steel wrist pins and piston rings (made in japan). This solution offers low oil consumption and quiet, piston-slap free engine operation.

Available in standard 82.5mm Diameter or Oversize 83mm (+0.5mm)

Suitable for EA113 and EA888 2.0 TSI engines.

Features and Design:

  • Anti-detonation grooves for long wear life and performance
  • Gas pressure accumulator groove in the 2nd ring land for longer wear life.
  • Horizontal slots in the pin bore designed to allow oil to enter between the wrist-pin and pin-bore area.
  • Precision CNC machined ring grooves
  • 4032-T6 high-silicon / low-expansion alloy
  • Honed pin bores
  • 3D piston crown specific to the needs of the TSI combustion chambers
  • Full Round skirt design with bottom reinforcing band for High HP/Boost applications
  • Valve Pockets designed to allow over size valves and high lift camshafts
  • Pistons designed to optimize squish for longer engine life and increased horsepower potential

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