VIS Motorsport - 1.4 TSI BMY HPFP Upgrade Kit

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Modification of the 1.4 TSI engines far beyond OEM power levels requires an additional volume of high-pressure fuel in order to avoid "fuel cuts" especially in the midrange.

In many cases we see the factory fuel pump begin to suffer from pressure loss.

The limitation of how much volume of fuel the high pressure pump can flow is dependent upon the volume displaced by the pressurizing cylinder inside the pump.

This upgrade replaces the internal parts that are responsable for pressure and volume of fuel that reaches your injectors to meet the demands that come for higher power.

Tolerances involved, the final surface finish on the piston inside the fuel pump is so critical that it can be damaged by touching them with bare hands.

The tolerances between the piston and the new sleeve the piston rides in can only be measured by a machine which uses air volumes to measure the part clearances to within microscopic levels.

CMM coordinate measuring machine is a device for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an object and used here with success.

It comes with fully detailed instructions including step by step fitting images including all necessary components and a detailed install sheet to get the job done.

*For up to 600 - 650 hp

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