PCV Valve Cover Breather Adapter for 2.0 TFSI

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Color: Purple
Boost Tap - Vacuum Adapter: No
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This is the solution for the factory Positive Crank Ventilation Valve which fails commonly on the VW AG 2.0 TFSI Engines. The Billet Adapter is a direct replacement for the faulty plastic factory valve which causes unstable idle, check engine light, power loss, boost leak, and high fuel consumption. This adapter comes pre-assembled with the required barb to clip the factory block breather hose.

Unlike other pieces available, ours maintains the two breather outlets for proper crankcase ventilation. These can easily be plumbed to our baffled catch can collect the oil mist that is emitted, this will help a lot to decrease the carbon build-up on the intake valves.

PCV Adapter is constructed by billet aluminum and hard anodized with a color that increases surface hardness and provides a corrosion-resistant film on the aluminum.

Fits 2.0 TFSI Engines with code: AXX, BPJ, BPY, BUL, BWA, BWE, BUL, BYD, BWJ, BHZ, CDL

OEM Part No: 06F129101P, 06F129101E, 06F129101G

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