Stage 3 Upgraded Pulleys for Mercedes 1.8 Kompressor M271

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These performance pulleys are engineered to increase the supercharger's boost pressure, thereby enhancing the engine's horsepower and overall performance. Constructed from high-quality materials, they ensure durability and reliability under increased stress. The larger pulley is typically used for the crankshaft, while the smaller one is for the water pump, optimizing the rotational speed and efficiency of the compressor. Ideal for enthusiasts looking to maximize their vehicle's potential, these pulleys are a key component in achieving higher power output from the M271 engine.

Stock Crankshaft Pulley : 175 mm

RTMG Crankshaft Pulley : 192 mm

Stock Water Pump Pulley : 140 mm

RTMG Water Pump Pulley : 119 mm

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