Kolbenschmidt Reinforced OEM Pistons for 1.4 TSI EA111

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The factory CAV, CAX, BLG, BMY pistons up to 2013 are the weakest link of the 1.4 TSI engines.
Upgrading to reinforced pistons allows for more horsepower and reliability. The most common problem with pre-2013 pistons is ring land failures.

The upgraded pistons feature Alfin inserts, which is an Austentitic cast iron reinforcement ring that supports the top compression ring and is mainly used in diesel engines, because of the very high cylinder pressure. This new design is the latest VW revision and solved the 1.4 common piston related issues in 1.4 TSI engines.


The Kit includes:

  • 4 x Pistons
  • 4 x Pistons Pins & Rings

Available in standard 76.51 mm Diameter or Oversize 77.01 mm (+0.5 mm)

Wrist pin Length: 54 mm

Wrist pin diameter: 19 mm

Weight: 0,41 kg


* Suitable for BLG, BMY, CAV and CTH engines.

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