Hybrid Turbocharger 600RS for BMW B58 M240i / M140i / 340i / 440i / 540i / 740i

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Hybrid Turbocharger 600RS for applications up to 600 HP


  • Fast spool

  • Large, CNC-machined, billet aluminum compressor wheel 

  • Compressor housing CNC-machining according to the compressor wheel geometry

  • Large Inconel turbine wheel

  • Turbine housing CNC-machining according to the turbine wheel geometry

  • Brand-new bearings and thrust washer

  • RTMG Performance Quality

  • Airflow for up to 600 HP

  • VSR Machine Balanced

  • Made in Greece


Engine Codes: B58B30


OEM Part Number: 11652397070


Reference No: 11658637041, 7643147


  • BMW M140 i (F20/F21) 340HP
  • BMW M240 i (F22/F23) 340HP
  • BMW 340i (F30/F31) 326HP
  • BMW 340i GT (F34) 326HP
  • BMW 440 i (F32/F33) 326HP
  • BMW 440 i GT (F36) 326HP
  • BMW 540 i (G30) 340HP
  • BMW 740 i (G11/G12) 326HP

Upgrading your turbo ?

This option requires that you ship your stock turbocharger to us, and it is mandatory that your turbo has no cracks or damage in the turbine and/or compressor housings.

CAUTION : In case you will send us a turbocharger from a country outside from the EU, please take some photos before the shipping and note the serial number of the turbo on the commercial invoice to proceed with a temporary import on the EU, extra charges maybe apply.

Your order will be processed after we have received and checked your turbocharger. If your cartridge is damaged there is an additional cost for replacing it with a new one, in this case, you will be informed via e-mail or phone call.  

You will receive a hybrid turbo that has the following parts brand-new: larger billet compressor wheel, larger turbine wheel, and cartridge with upgraded, more durable thrust bearings. The compressor and turbine housings are refurbished, and after being thoroughly inspected, they are machined to specification in CNC machines, in order for them to work with the larger wheels.

Interested in buying a new turbo ?

Interested in buying a reconditioned turbo ?


Electric turbo actuators does not have a warranty.

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