DSG DQ250 Performance Tuning Kit for 3.2 V6 R32

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RTMG PerformanceSKU: 950-0028

Clutch Type: Stage 1 - 850Nm
Performance Racing Gears: No
Limited Slip Differential Type: FWD
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The DSG DQ250 Performance Tuning Kit represents a comprehensive upgrade package designed to enhance the performance and durability of the DSG DQ250 transmission system, particularly tailored for 3.2 V6 R32 Engines. This meticulously crafted kit offers a range of high-quality components that collectively elevate the overall capabilities of the transmission, providing enthusiasts and performance-oriented drivers with an exhilarating driving experience.

Key components of the DSG DQ250 Performance Tuning Kit include an Upgraded Clutch capable of handling up to an impressive 1100 Nm of torque. This upgraded clutch not only reinforces the transmission's ability to handle increased power but also ensures a smooth and precise engagement for optimal driving dynamics.

To complement the enhanced clutch, the kit incorporates a Transmission Upgrade Oil Cooler Set with Radiator. This addition plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal operating temperatures, safeguarding the transmission against overheating and ensuring consistent performance under demanding driving conditions.

The Aluminum Oil Filter Housing specifically designed for the DSG DQ250 Gearbox is another noteworthy inclusion in the tuning kit. This component contributes to improved heat dissipation and durability, promoting the longevity of the transmission system.

The Dual Mass Flywheel specifically designed for 3.2 V6 R32 Engines is a critical component that contributes to improved engine response and drivability. It enhances the overall balance of the drivetrain, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.

For enthusiasts seeking a more aggressive and responsive driving experience, the Performance Racing Gears enhance acceleration, more torque handling and overall gear engagement. These gears are fine-tuned to deliver improved performance without compromising reliability.

A standout feature of the DSG DQ250 Performance Tuning Kit is the inclusion of the Torsen Limited Slip Differential. This differential enhances traction and stability, particularly during high-performance driving scenarios, providing the driver with enhanced control and confidence on the road or track.

The Automatic Transmission Gearbox Oil Filter and Inner Oil Filter ensure that the transmission fluid remains clean and free of contaminants, further promoting the longevity and efficiency of the entire system.

In summary, the DSG DQ250 Performance Tuning Kit offers a meticulously curated selection of components that collectively transform the DSG DQ250 transmission into a high-performance powerhouse. With upgrades to clutch capacity, cooling, filtration, gears, differential, and flywheel, this kit provides a comprehensive solution for enthusiasts seeking to extract the maximum potential from their 3.2 V6 R32 Engines.

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