With this option, you will receive a hybrid turbo that has the following parts brand-new: larger billet compressor wheel, larger turbine wheel, and cartridge with upgraded, more durable thrust bearings. The compressor and turbine housings are refurbished, and after being thoroughly inspected, they are machined to specification in CNC machines, in order for them to work with the larger wheels.

Reconditioned turbos are purchased used, and after a thorough inspection, they are rebuilt. In case a defect is detected, which could not be found by our machines, you'll have to return the turbo to us, and we will replace it with another reconditioned one (if there is in stock), or we can replace it with a new hybrid turbo. If this is the case(new hybrid turbo), you'll have to pay us the difference, or you'll have to send us your own stock turbo, so we can rebuild it (if its condition allows it) and we'll return the financial difference that arises.