Terms of service

Electronic store www.rtmgperformance.com owned by "Taxopoulos P. & SIA ΕE" located in Evosmos Thessaloniki Extension Meander, ZIP 56238 P.B.2010, VAT number : 997741925, Tel : +30 2310 77 88 80, email: info@r-tmg.com (hereafter for brevity: RTMG Performance)

Prohibited in any way to modify of this website www.r-tmg.com and details (photos, texts, trademarks etc.) for public or commercial purpose without a preceding written permission from RTMG Performance.

RTMG Performance reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time and without notice.

RTMG Performance due to the large volume of orders received daily can not guarantee the availability of the products, but guarantees the timely information to consumers about the unavailability and the alternatives available options.

RTMG Performance has no responsibility directly or indirectly for special damages or expenses or penalties because of misuse or improper installation of the products nor for any delays to shipments of orders sent by transport companies.

RTMG Performance consider any information provided by the user on his personal data, or the order confidential and undertakes that it will not publish, exchange, sell or disclose personal information. The exception is the above if they requested from a Public Authority etc. or considered that the communication content affects our online store. The Client has the right at any time request the deletion of the e-store database if it no longer wishes the services offered, but in case of rewriting will be entitled to many privileges it had acquired earlier.