Triple Disk Clutch Kit for BMW M62B30 / M62B40 / M62B44 / S62B50

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Diameter: 185mm
Option: Stage 4 - 1000Nm
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Our Triple Disc Clutch has been designed by our in-house engineers, and tested extensively in drag, drift and daily cars, in order to achieve great pedal feel, high torque capacity and reliability. The friction materials are ceramic, made in Germany, and the outer diameter is 185 mm to 200 mm.

All spare components such as clutch diaphragm spring, fulcrum ring, pressure plate, clutch discs, floater plates etc. are available individually in order to replace any worn out components, and thus you won't have to buy a complete new clutch kit. The pressure plate and floater plate surfaces are honed to provide a uniform, smooth friction area. The hub splines are manufactured of high strength steel and are then heat treated for increased surface hardness.

  • It is recommended that buyers opt for a 20% higher torque rating than their maximum engine torque, in case intended use consists of frequent Launch Control & Flat Shift operation.
  • Note that when using Launch Control & Flat Shift, the wear is exponential.
  • In case the thrust of the crankshaft is 180 degrees, it is recommended to add a second thrust as the crankshaft receives more axial stresses.


* The multi-disc clutch is a wear component, thus it is not covered by a warranty.

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